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Stacey Chanquin

I attained my B. Psych degree at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and completed an internship at Cowley House Trauma Center. I was then employed at an In-patient substance abuse treatment facility where I provided treatment to adult clients. Thereafter, I pursued my Masters in Clinical Psychology and was awarded a scholarship to attend Karl Franz University in Austria. I completed 6 months of training focused on research, proposal and thesis writing at Masters level. I completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology at UWC and conducted my internship at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital (VBH).  My rotations included the Female Acute Ward at VBH; The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at Red Cross Children's Hospital and G22 Therapeutic Unit at Groote Schuur Hospital. My community outreach work was done at the Gugulethu Community Health Centre whereby I provided individual and group therapy. My community service year took place at Mitchell's Plain District hospital where I attended to both in and outpatients. 

I am currently working part time in private practice as well at The University of the Western Cape within the student counselling services department.

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Services I Offer

Individual Therapy

Rock Balancing

Private Counseling

I offer therapy mainly to older adolescents and adults. My approach is integrative and based on the client's presentation and needs. My style is empathic and compassionate, but also gently directive when necessary. I believe in offering client's a space that is caring and non-judgmental and that would essentially allow them to feel safe enough to explore their difficulties. I am mindful of relationships and believe that the right client/therapist fit is essential in the therapeutic process.

An initial consultation would include an assessment of the client's needs and expectations. If I am unable to assist, I would do my best to refer the client to an appropriate professional.


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6 Kenilworth Rd
Cape Town, 7708
South Africa

081 328 8355 and 021 761 3864

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